Terms of Service

Welcome to AppleSkool- An online training and learning platform and a meeting place for The Instructors and Students.

Welcome to AppleSkool- An online training and learning platform and a meeting place for The Instructors and Students.The instructors (including teachers, trainers,& tutor)can take live classes or upload their recorded courses on the platform. Thestudents and trainees can browse through the live trainings and courses and book them to learn and master skills of their interest. Both Instructors and Students are the “users” of the services.

The AppleSkool website, mobile applications, and alternative interactive properties through which the service is delivered are closely-held, operated, and distributed by Orchid Services. By accessing any part of the Service, you're agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy apply to all users.

We may, at our sole discretion, modify these Terms of Service at any time. By accepting these terms, you are agreeing to such modifications.

Description of Service

The AppleSkool service permits the students to search out live training and courses for individuals of any age that are inquisitive about learning and permits instructors to publish their trainings and course material.

We reserve the right to refuse or to produce the service to any individual for any reason and/or to discontinue the service in whole or part at any time, with or without previous notice.

Copyright, Licenses, and User Submissions

The entire content of the trainings and courses are protected by copyright and trademark laws and alternative proprietary rights. The owners of the copyrights and logos are AppleSkool, its affiliates, and/or alternative third-party licensors.

Rules for Students

AppleSkool is a community of innumerable learners and instructors worldwide. Once you sign on for the positioning as a Student, you confirm to the subsequent rules:

  • You will use the Service only for lawful purposes and confirm to not use the Service for any other purposesthat can infringe upon the rights of other users.
  • Your use of the Service is subject to all or any applicable laws and you're exclusively chargeable for the Services that you take.
  • You agree that you won't have interactions in any manner that constitutes unauthorized or unsought advertising, junk or Bulk email (spamming), chain letters, and other sort of unauthorized solicitation.
  • You will not participate in any behavior that victimizes, harasses, degrades, or intimidates a personal or group of people on the premise of faith, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, or incapacity.
  • You will not impersonate any individual or entity
  • You will settle for all of the terms and conditions together with the cancellation policy listed within the Service once you enroll for any training with AppleSkool.
  • You will follow all rules set by aninstructor with relation to a training/ course, and you'll not take any actions that interfere with the instructors or the other students.
  • AppleSkool reserves the right to delete or suspend your enrollment if you violate any of our rules, at any time and for any reason

Rules for Instructors

When any tutor, trainer or instructor gets on boarded with AppleSkool, they confirm to the following rules:

  • You will honor all enrolments through AppleSkool.com at the value and time listed within the Service, and would not refuse enrolments or participation of any student for any discriminatory or alternative unrealistic reasons.
  • Any content/training that you post should not contain third party proprietary material or material that's subject to alternative third-party proprietary rights, unless you have got permission from the rightful owner of the training, course or content.
  • You represent and declare to AppleSkool that you are qualified/ adequately learned/ professionally sound to take the trainings that you have listed with us.
  • You understand that, if you teach a subject, your students have the flexibility to post a feedback of your training. We are not responsible for the contents of any such feedback.
  • You grant AppleSkool permission to use any video content that we've recorded for you. It’s at our sole discretion to use it, add, or edit that video content.
  • AppleSkool reserves the right to, however, is underneath no obligation, to delete any listing at any time with or without a reason.
  • You will settle for all of the terms and conditions together with the cancellation policy listed within the Service once you publish any training with AppleSkool.

General Terms

Students and Instructors are accountable for their compliance with the terms and conditions; however, AppleSkool doesn’t monitor or manage either party’s compliance. Among different things, AppleSkool would not control-

  1. Provision of the training/ course.
  2. any party’s performance

Accordingly, AppleSkool shall not be liable for a liability arising out of the training/ course or any actions during the training.

Your teaching or enrollment is at your sole risk. AppleSkool doesn't supervise courses, trainings and isn't concerned in any approach with the actions of any people (whether students or instructors). You’re alone liable for all prices and/or risks related to your participation.

Student Fees

AppleSkool collects fees while booking a training and isn’t responsible for students' learning and performance.

Refunds are offered once the student applies for a refund and providesa justifiable reason as mentioned in Cancellation and Refund policy.

Instructor Payments

Instructors have thirty days from the time that a payment was or ought to be created to report any discrepancies. Post thirty days, the right to dispute any payment would be revoked

AppleSkool reserves the right to withhold or cancel payments in case of any violation of the terms or inappropriate behavior based on its sole judgment and absolute discretion.

Price Changes

AppleSkool reserves the right to regulate pricing for our services and subscription in any manner and at any time. The changes will be notified to you through emails.

AppleSkool reserves these rights:

To do changes to the AppleSkool website, apps, and Services all of sudden or liability.

To dismiss any Instructor/student at any time, without a notice, at our sole discretion, in case of any unacceptable behavior in violation of our rules and policies.

We have the right to reject, cancel, interrupt, remove, or suspend any training/ course, comment, at any time and for any reason.AppleSkool isn't accountable for any damages as a result of any of those actions, and it's our policy to not investigate or provide explanations for any such action.

The trainings offered on AppleSkool are offered directly by the Instructors. AppleSkool isn't accountable for their profiles and trainings. HenceAppleSkool isn't accountable for any related changes in the trainings/ courses by the Instructor.

You understand and agree that

  1. temporary interruptions of the Service might occur.
  2. we've got no control over third party networks you'll access within the course of the employment of the Service, and thus, delays and disruption of alternative network transmissions area would not be part of our responsibility

Most communication between AppleSkool and you'll be sent and received electronically.