How It Works

The working on AppleSkool platform is simple and easy to understand.

When you first join AppleSkool, you get registered as a student who can browse for a training listed and priced by Instructors (Teachers, Tutors, Coaches, and Mentors). Once logged in, you can Become an Instructor by filling an easy form and start publishing your online training offerings on day 1.


  1. Simply signup or login using Google or Facebook
  2. Browse for trainings OR instructors. Filter the trainings listed based on language, date, age, level, price, ratings, etc.
  3. Go through the details of the trainings that interest you
  4. Book your training
  5. For paid trainings, pay using the payment gateway
  6. Receive the training details on e-mail &sms
  7. Interact with the Instructor and other students before the training
  8. Join the training as per schedule
  9. Provide your feedback

Your trainings are completely risk free. In case the training does not meet its requirement, there is a money back guarantee. You would not lose your money!


Once you join AppleSkool, you can become an Instructor on AppleSkool. It’s an easy process of providing your details. AppleSkool works with you in your promotions and help you provide the right kind of trainings to the vast population of learners across the globe.

  1. Signup and complete your profile
  2. Create your online training and provide details on what the training covers, no. of students, duration, and any other relevant documents to be used before coming to the training
  3. Price your training and provide the date, time, and platform details (zoom, goggle meet, Microsoft team etc.)
  4. Get notifications when students book your training
  5. Interact with students before the training date in order to attune your training as per the students’ needs
  6. Conduct the training as per schedule
  7. For paid trainings, get paid by AppleSkool within 14 days
  8. Get student feedback to enhance your future trainings
  9. Grow mutually with AppleSkool and our large Instructor community

AppleSkool gives the Student the comfort that the training fee is safe with us and if the training doesn’t deliver to what it promised, there is a guaranteed return. For the instructors, they are sure that their payment is secure with AppleSkool which they will receive post successful completion of the training.

AppleSkool earns by charging a very small service fee which is deducted from the Instructors’ payments